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I am at the 15,750 foot Sirsir La Pass, Ladakh, India with our local guide Lopsang. This was a part of the three week trek and home stay to her Lingshed village sponsored by Crooked Trails.
Machu Pichu at Daybreak, Peru
Ayuthaya Buddha Wrapped, Thailand
Yaks near Gantse, Tibet, China
Phi Phi Island Beach, Thailand            before the Tsunami.
You can read summary descriptions of my travel videos at  and as well as view video clips.  At that site, they sell for $1.99 for rental or $9.99 to download or $19.95 for a DVD.  You can purchase them there when I am traveling.
I will also post them for auction on eBay when I am home with a  cost of $8, including shipping worldwide.
If I am not traveling, you can check out eBay with my eBay ID of huntforgold for my current listings of travel videos
Library in Saipina, Bolivia named after my niece, Krista.
          Where's Laura Croft?
Ta Prohm, Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Monk in Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Buddhas at Wat Arun,        Bangkok, Thailand
Pha That Luang, Vientiane, Laos
Ta Prohm, Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Plastic is universal, Thailand
Ankgor Thom Images, Cambodia
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Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre, Vietnam
Phuket, Thailand Vegetarian Festival procession
Phuket, Thailand Vegetarian Festival chasing evil spirits away.
Phuket, Thailand Vegetarian Festival procession
Phuket, Thailand Vegetarian Festival procession
Tomb of Kai Dinh, Hue, Vietnam with tourists
Halong Bay, Vietnam
Incense for sale, Hue, Vietnam
James Bond Island, Thailand
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Hello, I am Rick Hunt and when I retired in 2000, I began my travels starting with Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, and Thailand with a new video camera.  In 2002, it was to Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Japan, and Nepal where I trekked the Annapurna Circuit with  Since 2004, I visited Myanmar, India, South Africa, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Singapore, Malaysia, Mexico, Chile, Indonesia, Brazil, and Argentina.  During summers between 2004 and 2008, I hiked the entire 2,650 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail running from Mexico to Canada.  Another three week trek was to Lingshed in the Ladakh Region of India in 2008. Room to Read is one of my favorite charities:  if you decide to donate money to them, tell them "Hoov" sent you.
  My new website is:  Please check it out.